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August 19, 2011


Tom Hall

So happy they are free. Still hoping for justice for those three little boys and their families.

All of that said, this once again proves the real problem with our criminal justice system: The state KNOWS it has no evidence but seeks to uphold the convictions anyway. I don't blame the juries in this case (well, I blame the jury who used inadmissible evidence of a coerced confession, but that aside), but for the state not to admit that it has no case and set them free without a sham plea agreement is a joke. Even worse than that (if it is possible) is that by upholding the convictions, the state is released from the responsibility of finding the actual murderer(s), which means those three boys who lost their lives won't get the justice they deserve. I hope that the focus of the West Memphis Three campaign shifts from freeing the wrongly convicted to helping find the real killer(s). If there is DNA evidence that excludes the Echols, Misskelley & Baldwin, maybe it can be used to find the real criminal.

Great news that the WM3 are free at last, but the tragedy lingers over this story.

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