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November 19, 2010



I agree with you entirely - "snub" is the wrong word.

In this category and historically across all Oscar brackets, worthy entries are left out by virtue of mathematical definition alone. E.g., 20 great Best Actor performances do not fit into five slots.

So, instead of "snub", how about the word "squib"? As in a firecracker of a film-perf broken by the Acad, but one that still burns bright.


I'm sorry, you can justify The Oath as being a "work of art." But in my opinion, its artfulness simply obscured some real problems, notably in the "discovery" of documentary evidence. For me, there was just a gaping hole in terms of the facts concerning the culpability of the film's main subjects. At least in the cut I saw last year at SXSW... I think it bit off a lot more than it could chew, and suffered dearly for it.


I'm thrilled to see Catfish ignored. I think there's more to that whole story.
I was glad to see The Lottery, but two school films will cancel each other out.
Considering how drab the IDA list was, I think the Academy did pretty well.

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