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June 28, 2010


Amanda Martinez

Good article, great movie.

Carol Steytler

Yeah, I find it difficult to "debunk" the bunk, when Fox has simply turned on the camera and let the people share their experiences, as well as his own, when he was trying to contact the "industry" for some simple info and got nothing. Even if he had not added all that "propaganda" about Cheney and the loophole, watching people while they speak of their troubles, is very convincing. Seeing is believing. The debunking site is complicated, and the link to the fracking fluid content, when you see it, is impossible to understand. I don't know what it means, if it is good, or bad. But I do know that once your water is poisoned, it's too late! Very scary! Water is an invaluable resource, and it is foolish to sacrifice, in the name of prosperity. These people are risking EVERYTHING!

Nathan Truesdell

What's the difference between "naturally occurring methane" and natural gas?

Tim Ruggiero

Shortly after Aruba Petroleum drilled 300 feet outside our home, we also found what we believe is a methane leak. That was more than 6 months ago. We still have the bubbling little pits, and they ignite when you take a match to them. The regulatory agency, the TRRC, declared the bubbling to be 'naturally occurring'. The operator said they were 'air bubbles'. When they found out the 'air bubbles' ignite, the story chnaged to 'methane is everywhere and just seeps up naturally." Funny how we lived here for 6 years and had no bubbling pits ever before, naturally occurring or otherwise.

"Naturally occurring' methane and methane leaks are the exact same thing. The only difference is that the Industry likes to blame Mother Nature on the 'naturally occurring' type so as to avoid taking responsibility for their actions.

david stein

naturally occuring methane will occur in any aquifer in close proximity to a reservior or source rock. In New York, the geology falls at a rate of 50' per mile as you move south. So, in Marcellus NY, the marcellus shale outcrops to the surface. as you head south, it drops 50' per mile. Any aquifer that is adjacent to the shale will likely have methane present in it.

In areas where the aquifer is isolated from the reservior or source rock, you are less likely to find naturally occuring methane in the water.

Drilling related gas migration can occur when the well's water protection casing is not cemented properly. This is known as gas migration.

Fox convolutes improper cementing practices with hydraulic fracturing. Gas migration is a drilling problem, not a fracking problem. The gas industry is far from perfect, but Josh Fox is really loose with the way he presents stuff. But more detailed explanations difuse the fear that is required for good filmmaking.

More broadly - a moratoreum on gas production is a vote for coal.

gaetano spizzirri

i just read a report that stated after testing the water from gasland it was discovered that it was biomethane in the water not methane from fracking. biomethane will ignite too. read the facts

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