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May 12, 2010


Christopher Toussaint

Christopher Toussaint
Free Spirit Productions

Jan Selby

Please add my name. Jan Selby, Quiet Island Films

Jamie Meltzer

In support,

Jamie Meltzer

Michael Fox

I thought I had already added my name to this but cannot find it listed. Any chance of producing an alphabetized list of all those signed up so far? In the meantime, please add my name.


Michael Fox - Documentary Filmmaker

Judy Chaikin

Add my name,
Judy Chaikin

Sara Booth

Please add my name in support of Joe Berlinger and the protection of a free and vital press.
Sara Booth

francesca prada

please add my name as well,


Emily Lobsenz

Timothy Farrell

Please add my name to the list:

Timothy Farrell

Tom Jackson

Please add my name.

Tom Jackson, Joe Public Films

Thomas Papapetros

Please add my name in support.
Thomas Papapetros, filmeditor, Denmark

Mirel Bran

Mirel Bran (Filmmaker, Tadami Presse, Romania)

Tami Yeager

Please add my name in support of this letter.

Gary Weimberg

this is a critically important issue for all documentarians, journalists, and citizens who believe in citizen participation in resolving controversial public issues

Marcus Rosentrater

Marcus Rosentrater

Karen Price

Please add me: Karen Elizabeth Price

Mark Barroso

I support Joe Berlinger. Let's boycott Chevron while we're at it.

Mark Barroso


Lily Keber
Mairzy Doats Productions
New Orleans, LA

J.Enrique Pardo

I support Joe Berlinger and you may add my name to this open letter

J.Enrique Pardo ÑO Productions


Add my name in support of Crude and Joe Berlinger. Free press!

Muffett Kaufman

Please add my name.

Kate Albright-Hanna

Please add my name: Kate Albright-Hanna

jon Goldman

PLease add my name Jon Goldman Producer director of OIL IN THE FAMILY.

Faith Fuller

Faith Fuller

Guy Mossman

Guy Mossman

Drew Schofer

Thats a disgrace. I fully support Joe and a free press.

Deb Carr

Deborah Carr
Director/ Producer
Feat Productions
Los Angeles, CA

Charlotte Lagarde

Please add my name in support of Joe Berlinger.
Thank you.
Charlotte Lagarde

william eigen

William Eigen in support.

Phoebe Brown

I support Joe Berlinger. End the Oil Dictatorship!

Eloise De Leon (filmmaker)

I add my name in support of Joe Berlinger, to protect the integrity of investigative filmmaking.

Holly Hardman

Please add my name in support of Joe Berlinger. Judge Kaplan's interpretation of the law poses a grave threat to our free society. Holly Hardman

Doug Dearth

Please add my name: Doug Dearth, One In A Row Films

Felicity Blake

Felicity Blake, in support of Joe Berlinger.

Sandy Cioffi

Please add my name to this list in support of Joe Berlinger and all documentary filmmakers. We are journalists, and, as such, have every right to protection when working in the U.S. and anywhere in the world.

Sandy Cioffi
Sweet Crude

Werner Boote

please add my name:
Werner Boote, director of "Plastic Planet"


Dean Terry

andrea ruffini

full support- Andrea Ruffini

Kristin Alexander

Please add my name to the list.
Kristin Alexander

Jutta Hercher

Please add my name in support of Joe
Jutta Hercher

Cathy Zheutlin

please add,
Cathy Zheutlin

Jason Reid

Please add my name: Jason Reid, Director/Producer of Sonicsgate.

Paul Hart

Please add my name as well. I strongly support Joe Berlinger's right not to have his unedited footage subjected to a fishing expedition.

Paul Hart

Michael Markowski

please add

Michael Markowski

Jerónimo Molero

Please add my name in support of Joe Berlinger and free expression...

Uli Stelzner

please add me

Shira Pinson

Please add my name.
Shira Pinson

Terry Darke

I am only an amateur doco film maker but this ruling really sucks. Dont even get me started on oil companies!!

Verena Vargas

please add me, i fully support the liberty of documentary filmmakers!
best regards
Verena Vargas

Linda Blackaby

Please add me to the list of supporters of Joe Berlinger

Linda Blackaby

susan gluth

please add my name: susan gluth, germany

Malte Rauch

please add my name to the list; Malte Rauch,Germany; maker of docs "Runway" and "Blues March, Soldier Jon Hendricks".

Björn Jensen

Please add my name. Björn Jensen, Ginger Foot Films, Germany

Emma Davie

Emma Davie

Felipe Rizzo Prux

I am subscribing in support of Joe Berlinger:
Felipe Rizzo Prux
Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil.
Filmmaker, performer and enthusiast.

Geoffrey Cantor

Please add my name to the list.

It is vital that large corporations that are working unethically are exposed by high quality documentaries so the world can see the truth and decide for themselves.


Simone Fary, Nerds Make Media


Please add my name,
Kate Jangra - Contaminant Media

Sarah Schutzki

Please add my name

Larry Hott

Please add my name to the letter: Larry Hott

Helene  Klodawsky

Please add my name in support of Joe

Anna Agostino

Please post my name.

Kat Smith

Please add my name in support of the filmmakers and good luck to you.

Kat Smith




Hannes Karnick

Hannes Karnick, Darmstadt/Germany
Head of German Documentary Association / AG DOK - Chapter State of Hesse

Leslye Wood

Please add my support.
Leslye Wood
Producer, Writer
Sweet Crude

James Lee Aronson

Great film that has a resonance made greater every day. Please Add my Name.
JL Aronson
Creative Arson Productions

Matti Bauer

Please add me

Neal Baer

Please add my name in support: Neal Baer, Producer "Home Is Where You Find It" Exec Producer Law & Order: SVU

Stephen Dypiangco

Please add my name
Stephen Dypiangco

Anne Seidlitz

Anne Seidlitz


Brent Gudgel

Todd Dayton

Todd Dayton
San Francisco, CA


Please add my name in full support. Joanna Rabiger


please add my name in support of Joe Berlinger.
Katarina Soukup (Montreal)

Lesley Topping

Please add my name: Lesley Topping

Rich Garella

Please add my name in opposition to this dangerous ruling.
Rich Garella,Producer
Loud Mouth Films

Pichandi Krishnamurthi

I fully subscribe to the views expressed in this open letter.

- Pichandi Krishnamurthi


Please add my name in defense of a free press and the upholding of democratic values. With due respect, we can't espouse the value of a free and independent press, and then witness our country's esteemed legal institutions trampling on the same value.

Kay Hoffmann

Please add my name in support of Joe Berlinger and his team and to support criticial documentaries worldwide.
Kay Hoffmann, filmjournalist, Germany

Christian Lehmann-Feddersen

Please add my name in support of Joe Berlinger and the protection of a free and vital press:
Christian Lehmann-Feddersen
Managing Director / Executive Producer
Doculand Associated Media GmbH
Friedensallee 7
22765 Hamburg

Rob Lemkin

Please add our names: Rob Lemkin and Thet Sambath. Our film "Enemies of the People" is facing parallel albeit different legal pressure and it seems Joe Berlinger and "Crude" may be the canary in the mineshaft. We must act together.

fabrizia galvagno

please add
Fabrizia Galvagno, Doc In Progress, Italy

Vernon Gielen

Please add my name too. Although I'm unfamilair with the details in Berlinger's case, I believe it is pivotal that documentary filmmakers, like journalists, are able to protect their sources.

Indeed, the First Amendment protection of the journalist's privilege is never absolute.

That said however, any judge, anywhere in the world should be VERY, VERY reluctant to order a documentary film maker to reveal his sources. In the Berlinger case, I read that the judge has ordered ALL the footage to be handed over. Such a ruling seems extremely excessive and biased.

Vernon Gielen
The DocsOnline foundation

Dara Kell

Please add my name to the list:
Dara Kell

Ben Selkow

Ben Selkow

Daniel Hegarty

I would also urge the overturning of this rulling and I am very much in support of Joe Berlinger against this or future similar rulings and the protection of free, confidential and vital press.

D.A. Hegarty,
Prix Europa nominated Documentary Filmaker,

Sara Archambault

Please add Sara Archambault and Lyda Kuth.

Justin Schein

Please add my name as well- Justin Schein, Shadowbox Films

Anthony Giacchino

Please add my name in support of Joe Berlinger. Anthony Giacchino, THE CAMDEN 28


Jeff Mandell

Angela Cavallaro

Please add my name to the list!

Kelly Rose

I completely support.

Kelly Rose

David Mehlman

David Mehlman

Charlotte Lagarde

I strongly support this letter.

Johanna Hamilton

in solidarity.
Johanna Hamilton
Pray the Devil Back to Hell


Please add my name to the list:

Cassandra Del Viscio, Edgeworx Studios

Marilyn Ness

I would like to add my name to the petition.

Denise Bennett


Martin McReynolds

Just and amateur shooter but sign me as a supporter.

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