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May 12, 2010


Ruth Leitman

Ruth Leitman

Barbara Rick

Please add my name in support of fellow filmmaker Joe Berlinger. -Barbara Rick, Out of The Blue Films, Inc.

Mark Bell

Add my name to the list, definitely.

Davis McGraw

Hope this turns out well for Joe & co. Can't imagine losing an entire production's worth of footage. You can add my name.

Davis McGraw (Filmmaker, VT)

James McNally

Not a filmmaker, just a humble blogger but would like to add my support to that of all the fine filmmakers above.

Nev Pierce

Nev Pierce - concerned freelance journalist and Editor-At-Large for Empire, the world's biggest movie magazine.

Jane Weiner

Jane Weiner


Please add my name to this letter. I have met Joe before and am a great admirer of his work, particularly in this great documentary which I have been lucky enough to see:

Katie Tibaldi (Filmmaker, NYC/Traverse City, MI)


Add my name, if you're still taking names--
Mark Rappaport

Magdalena Hutter

Magdalena Hutter

Lynda A. Hansen

Please add my name in support if Joe Berlinger.
Lynda A. Hansen

Andrew James

Please add my name: Andrew James (Filmmaker, co-director of CLEANFLIX)

Gwendolen Cates

Please add my name
Gwendolen Cates

Veton Nurkollari

Please add my name also in support of Joe Berlinger.
Veton Nurkollari

Melody Gilbert

Add my name, please:
Melody Gilbert, Frozen Feet Films

Mark Daniels

Mark Daniels

Please add my name. I fully support Joe Berlinger.

Sarah Goodman

Please add my name in support of Joe Berlinger.

Sarah Goodman (Army of One, When We Were Boys)

Stephen Saito

Stephen Saito


Add us in - Eric Matthies, Tricia Todd

Larry Locke

Larry Locke

Eddie Rosenstein

I would like to add my name in support as well. Eddie Rosenstein

Cheree Dillon

Please add my name in support of Joe Berlinger and his work at exposing the truth.

Cheree Dillon, filmmaker NYC

Justine Nagan

On behalf of myself and the Kartemquin community, Justine Nagan

Audrey Ewell

Add Aaron Aites and Audrey Ewell, directors of the documentary Until The Light Takes Us. I'd make a joke about how crude this ruling is... but unfortunately this is taking corporate hegemony to a whole new level. Good luck to Joe, and good luck to us all.

Jill Orschel

In support of Joe Berlinger
--Jill Orschel

Spencer Kehe

Spencer Kehe

Paul Fischer

Please definitely add me - Paul Fischer, producer and documentary filmmaker at Ten Cent Adventures

Peter Miller

Please add me as a supporter.

Peter Miller

Gaylen Ross

please add my name in support
Gaylen Ross

Michael Palmieri

Add me, please.
Michael Palmieri

jeanie Finlay

Please add me
Jeanie Finlay

Chris Shellen

Please add Chris Shellen

Carter Gunn

Please add my name to list.
Carter Gunn


Please add me. Andrew Lang

michele dieterich

Please add my name to the list:

Michele Dieterich

Julianna Brannum

Julianna Brannum

Francis Coakley

Please add my name to the list:
Francis X. Coakley

David Wilson

I'd be honored to be added - David Wilson

natalie gravenor

Please add my name. Natalie gravenor, festival programmer, Berlin. Thanks.

Elizabeth Westrate

Please add my name,
Elizabeth Westrate.

Aaron Warren

Please add my name

Aaron Warren

Sarah George

I support Joe Berlinger, independent media-makers and brave individuals around the word who are willing to share their stories. Please add my name.

-Sarah George

Yana Gorskaya

Please add me -- Yana Gorskaya

Zadi Diaz

You can add my name as a supporter as well: Zadi Diaz.


It is not only a local problem, please add me to the supporting list.


John Chester

Please add my name

Jason Mann

Please add me: Jason Mann, Pull-Start Pictures

Charles Vogl

Please add me - Charles Vogl

John Grabowska

John Grabowska

Kirk Simon

Please add my name:
Kirk Simon

Nicholas Bruckman

Nicholas Bruckman

Deirdre Fishel

Please add my name! Deirdre Fishel


Add Suzanne Taylor, Producer/Director "What On Earth? Inside the Crop Circle Mystery"

Claire Marie Panke

Please add my name: Claire Panke

Gretta Wing Miller

Add our names in support of Joe Berlinger and the overturning of this ruling by Judge Kaplan.
Gretta Wing Miller
Aarick Beher
Documentary Filmmakers, Madison WI

Pegi Vail

In support! Pegi Vail

Fiona Otway

Fiona Otway

John Burgan

John Burgan Co-Host, The D-Word

Jasmine Dellal

Please add my namein support - Jasmine Dellal. Thanks!

Aaron Schock

In full support - Aaron Schock

Harry Hanbury

Harry Hanbury

Saartje Geerts

add my name

Koen Suidgeest

Koen Suidgeest, director/producer
El Rayo Films S.L., Madrid (Spain)


pls add my name: Matthias Heeder, Hamburg/Germany

Beth Portello

Beth Portello, Cinema LIbre Studio

Michelle Le Brun

Please add my name in support of this important issue.
Michelle Le Brun

Rick Allen

Count me in.
Rick Allen, Nautilus Productions

Aaron Soffin

Aaron Soffin

Dan Lohaus

Please add my name:

Dan Lohaus
Director, When I Came Home

Francisco Bello

Francisco Bello

Christen Marquez

Please add my name in support. Christen Marquez.

Maria Yatskova-Ibrahimova

Maria Yatskova-Ibrahimova

Nancy du Plessis

Please add my name: Nancy du Plessis

Chuck Braverman

Add my name of support.

Stéphane M. Grueso

Please, add my name to the list:

Stéphane M. Grueso
elegant mob films

Sara Terry

Please add my name,
Sara Terry, Filmmaker, Los Angeles

Augusta Palmer

Please add my name in support: Augusta Palmer.

Erin D.

Erin Donovan.

Andre Dahlman

Please add my name: Andre Dahlman

Mark Kendall

Mark Kendall

Carolyn Arnold

Count me in as an advocate. Carolyn Arnold

Paul Wagner

Please add my name in support. Paul Wagner

Dana Bartle

Please add my name in support:
Dana Bartle Director Raise It Up For Ma Dukes

Philip Owens

In support - Philip Owens

Dan balluff

Please add my name!
Dan Balluff
Light Beam Productions - Minneapolis
Minneapolis MN

Michael Kovalenko

Strongly supportive of this letter. The Fourth Estate must thrive if society is to have any real democratic functions.

Suree Towfighnia

In full support,
Suree Towfighnia and Prairie Dust Films

Richard Knox Robinson

Please add my name to the list. My short film premiered at Sundance with Berlinger's Crude in 2009 and I am horrified to see this happening to Berlinger. This ruling threatens all documentary filmmakers. Who will stand up to the Oil Companies now?

Richard Knox Robinson

Alidra Solday

Please add my name in support of Joe
Berlinger on this matter.
Alidra Solday, Solday Productions

Mikal Jakubal

Mikal Jakubal

Robert Rooy

Please add my name as well. Fundamental rights are at stake.
Robert Rooy, Rooy Media LLC

ron deutsch

add my name please, Ron Deutsch -- been there before with our film on tom delay (the big buy).

Mark Freeman

Please add my name

Mark Freeman
Theatre, Television and Film
San Diego State University

Regan Brashear

Please add my name: Regan Brashear

Karen Cirillo

Karen Cirillo

Jaime Cruz

Add my name please. Jaime Cuz, México

Anne Checler

Please add my name: Anne Checler


Charlene Rule

Paul Miil

Paul Miil


Please add my name in support of Joe Berlinger and the protection of a free and vital press.
Andrea Kreuzhage, 1000 Journals

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