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January 29, 2010


Michelle Corey

God-willing--a national spotlight will now shine on the communities where this is happening. Kudos to Josh Fox for going back to his hometown, seeing a problem, and choosing to harness his talents to do something about it. GO JOSH GO!


Anne Lazarus

Where can we see Gasland in NYC? Where is it playing? I want to share the information with everyone possible and see the movie?

Ron prosek

Hope Josh will make a sequel and include Ohio. We have a lot of problems here with gas drilling. Our laws here are so lax that we have had wells drilled in the last two years very close to homes and schools--in one case, 100 feet from an apartment buidling and 210 feet from an elementary school. Water wells have been polluted, neighborhoods have been ruined, and communities have been split over this issue by unscrupulous landmen who get people to sign leases without informing them of the hazards of gas/oil drilling.

-Ron Prosek, Northeast Ohio Gas Accountability Project


There is a lot going on now in regard to domestic natural gas reserves and there is a movie out there which does a good job of portraying the potential role that (responsibly produced} natural gas can play in our clean energy future. It is called Haynesville and has screen at Sheffield, COP-15 and SXSW.

Website: http://www.haynesvillemovie.com/

Dorothy J Holland

Hi My name is Dorothy and i live in blue knob pa.just this winter a gas well was drilled acrossed from our house wedid not know much about gas drilling and now they are putting in a fracking dam in a field acoss the road from us i want to know how this is going to effect our well water coul tou please up date on this matter thank you .

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