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January 30, 2010


Matt Dentler

So sad. She was terrific.


Such a waste, and desperately unfair.

Chiemi Karasawa

What a tragic, tragic loss! I'm mortified by this senseless tragedy. Karen, your brilliant work will be your tremendous legacy - we were all lucky to have known you.

Doug Block

Unbelievably sad news! What a terrible loss for the entire documentary community. My heart goes out to her family, friends and colleagues.

Joshua Zema

She was such a nice person...so very helpful and willing to provide much needed advice to young filmmakers. A tragic loss.


Aside from mourning her death because of her great profession, let us mourn that a human being suffered and died at the expense of what most people do: act out for themselves.


I went to High School with Karen in Portland, and even back then she was a fil buff and shutterbug... not to mention being cool, and funny, and kind and generous to a fault, and having this quirky, unique sense of - well, not just fun, more like joie de vivre really.

I just fonud out about this - absolutely senseless.

David Nugent

Karen was a friend to me upon my arrival in NYC years ago. She, like I, came to this city from Boston and we felt a certain kinship. She was kind, funny, smart and sweet...everything that a new transplant to a big city treasures in a friend. That she died last night, on my street in this big city, in such a thoughtless and hollow way, is devastating. My thoughts go out to her friends and family.


Oh, this is so horrible! I just saw her a few weeks ago at the HBO Sergio screening. So sad, my condolences to her family. What an immensely talented and lovely lady.

Paul Sturtz

This is awful. Karen was a down-to-earth, generous-hearted, sweet and smart person -- and wonderfully talented. You'd be hard-pressed to ever meet someone as universally liked as her -- from what I could tell, she maintained an innocent, gentle air even when she was dealing with difficult people and situations. My condolences go to her friends and family. As you know, she was a one-of-a-kind person, and she will be greatly missed, even by people like me who only knew her fleetingly.

Nancy Buirski

I showed Theme: Murder at the inaugural Full Frame festival. Karen's editing of that 1998 film revealed the expressive potential of documentary. We were stirred by her imagination and vision. I grew to admire her as a person and a great talent. Her death is a tragedy for all who love film.

Lewis Wheeler

We love you Karen.

Ingrid Kopp

That's a lovely photo of her - it shows all the wonderful things people have said about her (I never met her but have always been in awe of her editing - Fast, Cheap & Out of Control is one of my very favorite documentaries). Condolences to everyone who knew her.

Melissa Navas

To Karen's friends, colleagues, family and fans:

I am a reporter at The Oregonian newspaper in Portland and am working on a story about Karen today. I'd like to collect as many stories as possible to share her life with our readers. I can be reached at the contact info below.



[email protected]


What incredibly awful and tragic news. My heart aches for her family and friends. When I think back on our days playing soccer in grade school I have to laugh at the memory of Karen sporting 7 layers of clothing laughing in the rain. What a wonderful, fun and kind person she was...that picture is simply perfect.

Marty B.

I wish you would have left my comment online.

Those are important questions and the friends and family of Karen are the only people who really have the moral authority to ask them right now.

If the questions are not put to the NYPD and Mayor soon, this incident will fade away just like the others. NYPD will continue to run deadly high-speed chases on our streets.

AJ Schnack

For the record, I didn't remove any comments from this thread. Perhaps you posted somewhere else.


the POS they caught should get 25 years minimum with no possibility of parole...

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