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October 10, 2009


David H.

Hi AJ-

what's up with three of the short listed doc. shorts about to air or having already aired on HBO? A couple of years ago, I recall a valid and interesting post lamenting the fact that three of the feature length docs the Academy had shortlisted aired on the television(In Depth: The Academy Documentary Shortlist [Theatrical? What Theatriacal], Nov. 20, 2007).

Why no qualms with the short films airing or having aired on television this year? Is it becasue the filmmakers are collaborators or friends? or because the films are just short films and recieve little if any attention?

Clearly the current crops of short filmmakers did not break any Academy rules by airing their films on TV, but did the previous features from two years ago break any rules? Let's be fair and consistant when documenting this type of information. Otherwise it appears that you had some sort personal issue with the Academy's choices in 2007 but not with their choices this year.

Jennifer Merin

FYI, Rabbit a la Berlin just won the top award in the Films of Conflict & Resolution Award at the Hamptons International Film Festival. http://bit.ly/15CfWp

E Brown

Well, perhaps there're always the ones who will be pleased and displeased with the choice of winners. But as I see it, we should remain calm and relaxed.

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