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September 16, 2009


Janet Pierson

Great to see you giving attention to Chris Smith, though I would hardly call The Pool a "dalliance." It's superb. And keep in mind, Chris' first breakthrough film was the narrative feature, American Job.


Michael Ruppert, star of movie CoLLapse, found guilty of sexual harassment.

Explicit 79-page Oregon 9/16/09 Final Order in Ruppert sexual harassment case is at ----

Oregon Labor Commissioner's press release states: The most startling incident occurred when Ruppert
came to Gerken’s office door wearing only his underwear and a smile ----

This decision contains astonishing evidence. It includes the full text of a long memo Ruppert wrote to Gerken, which he signed: Love, Mike.

When the FTW office was vandalized and raw eggs thrown at Ruppert's house, he first told the police it was Gerken. Later he claimed it was the CIA in his FTW blog and omitted telling about the raw eggs ----

A press article ----


And your point is, LindaLou? Could it be that the back story of Ms. Gerken was to entrap Mr. Ruppert, a man who used to publish some very dangerous ideas about the U.S. Government? Why is your posting of these facts relevant to this movie? What's in your closet? What are you hiding? Did someone bother making a movie about you? Didn't think so.

Maja Lindström

Chris Smith! How can we get to see your film Collapse in Sweden??? We have been waiting soo long for a proffessional filmmaker to help Mike Ruppert to get his message across. Thank you!

I suggest your producer to get in contact with the Swedish documentary film festival "Tempo"; [email protected]

Linda M

Hey, I'll make a conspiracy movie, then sexually harass younger women.

At that point it becomes entrapment instead of harassment.

Where do I sign?

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