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September 14, 2009


James McNally

AJ, thanks for pointing to my review. I should say that I was interested enough in the material that I subsequently arranged an interview with the directors and producer. Look for it on my site sometime in the next few weeks...

Patricia Lee

Thanks for linking to my blog. I'm not even that into documentaries, but Cleanflix is about a topic that fascinates me and the filmmakers did such a great job with it, that I had to take the time to recommend it and help put that positive word of mouth out there. My prediction for breakout star: Phil the professor, who I had the good fortune to meet while waiting to see another movie the other night.


Rachel Mae

There were plenty of more positive reviews for the film at blogs like /Film, Aint It Cool News, AV Club, and Lucid Forge.

Slash film says that:

Cleanflix is easily the most interesting topical documentary about movies since This Film Is Not Yet Rated. Cleanflix is a movie which continues hours after the credits, in the conversations and debates you will have with your friends and family. It creates a discussion about art, censorship, rights, religion, and technology.

Most of the dispute around the film came from the decision to focus on Daniel Thompson in the second half. Some people think that is the best part of the film, others wish it had stayed with the set-up of the edited movie industry.

AV Club had their problems with the film but noticed the intention in that transition, stating that:

The real story isn't just about intellectual property; it's about
the daily difficulties that the devoutly religious have in trying to participate in mainstream American culture while retaining as
much of the purity of their own beliefs as they can.

Ain't It Cool News calls the film very compelling and says that:

Daniel Thompson rivals King of Kong’s Billy Mitchell as one of those ideal documentary subjects, who you can’t quite believe is a real guy.

Lucid Forge saw the possibility for disaster and maintains that:

In different hands, the documentary Cleanflix would be a true, holier than thou documentary masterpiece that makes the high-minded average progressive feel superior just by the fact of its existence. Fortunately, Andrew James and Joshua Ligairi are better filmmakers than that, and because of their efforts, this film has one thing the average Michael Moore rake out doesn’t have: pathos for the skewered.

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