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September 17, 2009


Mike Ambs

Loved this piece - I've watched it several times the last few days (showing it to other people). It gets better every time... and by "better", I mean "scarier" :P

Louis Cabeza

OMG. That is hilarious.

John Waters must be laughing himself silly about the teabaggers

Freaky Born Wings

I was in DC that day shooting for German TV. Our host asked a lot of questions along the same lines. The responses were all quite similar to the video above.

Just something to keep in mind - we sometimes tend to assume filmmakers have an agenda, assume they cherry pick the interviews that underscore their point. But it's important to recognize the possibility that the sampling of people IS representative. My own experience that day suggests that the ignorance on display here was par for the course with this crowd, including similar errors for example confusing communism, socialism and fascism.

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