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July 30, 2009



I rewatched a preview version on Snag and I think the transfer looked great. As someone who lives well outside a big city, I'll second Bill and Turner's concern that many great documentaries never reach local theaters and that Snag and other resources can help to change that.

I'd also suggest that brief free access might, in the long term, create wider interest in paid versions of the film. My sense is that Summer Hours may have been helped locally here in the Triangle by IFC's strategy to release the film on-demand *may* have helped to build awareness. I don't know what the solution is, especially for filmmakers, but the Snag screening *might* be helpful long-term.

Barbara Ross

Bill and Turner, have heard great things about 45365 from The Columbus Film Commission. Congratulations! Are you related to Bill Ross who had a Foundry in Sidney, Ohio some years ago? He had a son called Bill who has also passed on. I'm married to Glenn Ross, son of Gus Ross who had a brother Bill whom I described above.
Very curious... as the cliche says "it's a
small world."

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