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July 21, 2009


David H.

According to the filmmaker's blog, Toronto had a shortage of good documentaries this year. I'm surprised since so many folks apply to this festival each year. Were there really that few good documentaries from the pool of applicants?

"My co-director on CLEANFLIX, Joshua Ligairi, is now in Europe for two months. Shortly after his departure, we found out through a colleague at a major movie studio in L.A., that the Toronto International Film Festival has been looking for documentaries to include in their 2009 lineup. Apparently there is a shortage of good documentaries this year and as such, festival programmers have been asking around. These same programmers approached our colleague in L.A. and asked him if he knew of any good documentaries. He immediately thought of CLEANFLIX. Pretty crazy. I now have two weeks to finish our rough cut and submit it to Toronto. Here goes nothing."

Ann Le

TIFF has a great lineup this year and it's great that Cleanflix made the cut. I'm actually excited to seeing it, among many others in the lineup this year.

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