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June 06, 2009




Was the guy just a total a**hole or what? Doesn't sound he made any particularly objectionable move.

Michael C.

Wow. Knowing only Bo Smith during his tenure at Boston's MFA, I can't really comment on what's going on in Denver, but it sure does sound a little weird on both sides. That's really a shame.

Florianne Wild

I'm sorry to hear that Bo Smith has been forced to resign. When I worked with him (approx. 1980-1984) at an arts organization in St. Paul devoted to film and photography exhibition and production, he seemed one of the saner people in what was, quite frankly, a nest of vipers. While others in the organization considered me a "mere secretary," Bo was always extremely considerate and thoughtful. He introduced me (and his audiences) to many American and European filmmakers who were absolutely unknown at the time (and probably still are). And thanks to him, I once got to make a telephone call to Marguerite Duras, one of my literary heroines. I will never forget it.

Florianne Wild, Ph.D.
Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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