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April 20, 2009


James McNally

Offhand, in the emerging voice category, I would nominate Austrians Michael Glawogger (Megacities, Workingman's Death) and Erwin Wagenhofer (We Feed the World, Let's Make Money) and Brit Lucy Walker (The Devil's Playground, Blindsight).


Dennis O'Rourke for sure (Cannibal Tours, Good Woman of Bangkok, Cunnamulla), Viktor Kossakovsky (The Belovs, Tishe!), Alan and Susan Raymond (An American Family- listed as "filmmakers", they shot and did sound for this seminal work. They also did Police Tapes and two follow up documentaries to An American Family), Jeff Kreines and Joel DeMott (Seventeen alone assures them a spot, but also the amazing Demon Lover Diary argues for their inclusion, both are maddeningly hard to find).

caspar sonnen

There are three directors on the top of my personal list of favorites that I'd definitely like to nominate:

Victor Kossakovsky (The Belovs, Tishe!, Svyato)

Jorgen Leth (66 scenes from America, Five Obstructions)

Ulrich Seidl (Tierische Liebe, Mit Verlust ist zu Rechnen, Jesus Du Weist)

Ky N. Nguyen

Raoul Peck's "Lumumba" and Larry Charles's "Borat" are not documentaries.

At first, it seems a bit incongruent -- albeit technically accurate considering his scant released work as a director -- to classify Jacques Perrin under "Noteworthy Filmmakers in the Earlier Stages of their Careers."

David H.

Sarah Kernochan (Marjoe, 1972 & Thoth, 2002)?

Francois Verster

Great resource this... but it sees to be a bit North American-centric, with some bows to obvious non-American greats... Would strongly agree with including Jorgen Leth, Ulrich Seidl, Victor Kossakovsky, Michael Glawogger as suggested. Or then, in terms of importance more broadly, what about Avi Mograbi, John Appels, Abbas Kiarostami, Jean Marie Teno, Andrzej Fidyk? And, still in North America, what about Peter Mettler and Larry Weinstein? As for "earlier stage" filmmakers, perhaps Kazuhiro Soda?


Vagabond by Agnes Varda is not a documentary (It stars Sandrine Bonnaire) but her recent, Les Plages d'Agnes is a brilliant documentary.

Adam Hyman

Hi AJ,

thank you for adding some titles!

There are quite a few left off, such as Jean Marie Teno, who were on the Doculink compiled list (and who has a new film doing the festival rounds right now).
Thom Andersen is not in early stages - he's just not primarily a filmmaker, so he has just a few films, but going back to the 1960s.
I actually was supposed to do one more update of the Doculink list. It was unquestionably North American centric, but a few of us were trying to add some from elsewhere, but our knowledge remains limited. I'd love to get more input from curators of the Flaherty Seminar, who have been bringing more work from other lands. An obvious dearth of work from China on the list, but there must be plenty.

Emily W. Sussman

I'm good with it all, but why not add "The Hamptons" to Barbara Kopple's resume?

Adam Benzine

I would add Alastair Fothergill to that list - wildlife documentaries are documentaries too, and Planet Earth is likely to feature near the top of any wildlife documentary list...

Frederik Rosen

Janus Metz 'Armadillo', CANNES 2010 will be one of the most important documentaries ever made.

Tobi Elliott

I would have to add Magnus Isacsson (Montreal) to the list. Authored many award-winning films, including 'Power', 'The Choir Boys' and 'Pressure Point'. Recently produced 'La Bataille de Rabaska', 'L'art en action' and 'Les Super Mémés' - all critically acclaimed films about citizen activism.

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