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March 23, 2009



Hehe, you should spend more time in the UK, AJ, here it's more sinister if you don't get those kind of nightlife sights.

Pat Aufderheide

Great comments, AJ. The downtown homeless shelter in Austin is a couple of blocks from the convention center, and a block from the Alamo Ritz, so there are a lot of people on the street who are a little lost. And there are a lot of people in downtown Austin who are drinking way too much. A reminder that weird can also be unfortunate. Meanwhile, I loved SAY MY NAME, by Nirit Peled and David Hemmigway. What a project! (Check out Mamamess website) Movie, billboards, posters, music files...all about creative, talented women rappers. I also am soft on the convention center, because I do learn a lot from the panels. Although one of the most entertaining--a fair use panel where the audience was the jury--was in the Hilton. I was thrilled to see Julie Ahrens of Stanford's Fair Use Project wave the Doc Filmmakers' Statement of Best PRactices in Fair Use (centerforsocialmedia.org/fairuse) and hear the crowd break out into applause! Small delicious moments, even without a margarita in hand.

eric matthies

lovely visual and shared sentiments. a few additions and one disagreement.

- the unofficial music is usually just as good or better than the wristband shows. too bad there's not unofficial movies too.
- you can't eat too much queso.
- YardDog for great art, free food and a great band line up.
- Starbucks???? F that noise. Jo's man, it's the best java in the land. Belgian Bomber to start the day, can't be beat. Support local businesses!!! If you can't cross the bridge without a fix, there's always Texas Coffee Traders or Juan Pelota (Lance Armstrong's java joint) around 3 blocks from the main drag.

eric matthies

great quote from Wired sound-mixer article

"First of all, when they said "Keep Austin weird," they didn't mean let other weird people into the city. They meant keep Austin unique. I guess it was a calling card to weirdos and freaks everywhere in the world."


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