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February 18, 2009


David H.

Thanks for sharing this information. It was an interesting post.

I know very little about the programming, but was interested in understanding a little more about the process and why film festivals programming the same documentary films (features and shorts) that have already played at other festivals. I'm sure that these films are exceptional and programmers believe that these films need to be seen by audiences. However, it seems like several festivals heavily curate their line-up with films fresh from Sundance. Are the cold submissions sent in by filmmakers really poor? Should festivals that curate their program inform filmmakers that there are only so many spots open from the larger pool? If these films are making the festival rounds based on their success at some of the top festivals...perhaps these festivals should consider a traveling festival that showcases a selection of films. In short what is the purpose of having an open call if the majority of films are culled or invited to apply form other festivals?

I look at this blog every morning and enjoy reading about what’s going on in the community, but sometimes I get the feeling that the festival world is a bit incestuous. Perhaps I’m misinformed about the whole process, but it would be nice to hear a little more about how programming works. Otherwise it becomes a mysterious process. I know in the past there has been some discord over the Academy’s selection process and how it compiles its documentary shortlist. Sometimes I feel that festivals have their own veil of secrecy.

David H.

I just wanted to add that although my post may sound critical, it was not meant to be. These are my observations, and my questions are merely rhetorical in nature. My apologies if my tone came off the wrong way. Thanks again for the post as it does give some insight to the programming process.

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