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January 05, 2009


Chris Holland

It is the classic blogger's dilemma -- time spent blogging is time not spent doing creative work elsewhere. There are times when I see filmmakers blog (or podcast, or vodcast, whatever) for months on end and I think to myself: "Where's your next film?"

Erik Moe

Thanks for the blog nudge, AJ! Documentary remains a personal love, but the paid design gig is pretty all-consuming. I am finding ways to marry the two when I can -- will be heading to the first few days of Sundance to work on outreach to entertainment blogs on progressive issues. Would love to reconvene (and expand) the Doc Blog Cabal!

James McNally

Thanks for putting a fire under some of my favourites, AJ, and glad you're still keeping the faith. Looking forward very much too to the second annual Cinema Eye Honors!

Erica Ginsberg

AJ, it's funny you should mention this since I was just talking about this with someone yesterday. As the principal author of the Docs Interactive/Docs In Progress blog, I have never really felt like I belonged in the Doc Blog Cabal because I don't feel like someone like me who posts every once in a while is a true blogger. I have no intention to give up the blog because it's a place to convey info that doesn't really fit anywhere else on the Docs In Progress website. I'll definitely keep it up, but it will be in spits and spurts as before. I hope Pamela and all the other folks mentioned will keep it up as well, in whatever time and energy will allow them. And I continue to admire your dedication to fairly consistent blogging even amidst all the creative and advocacy work of your own in the community.


I was wondering this same thing recently, so it's interesting to actually put it in perspective. Get back at it, everybody!!

Agnes Varnum

Pamela seems to have removed the post in question.

AJ Schnack

Yes, and she's up with a new blog post today.

Hope springs eternal!

Sujewa Ekanayake

On the bright side I've got a doc coming out about blogging - and there is a ton of interest in it (from ordinary people, not the "industry" or whatever, and by a ton i mean like a couple of hundred people so far - which is a lot for me). Come check it out on 2/17 in NYC AJ. I'll even put you on the guest list :) - now all you have to worry about is that plane ticket to this side of the world.

Also, if blogging is an art form then it is normal for there to be creative slow periods. Plus it's winter yo, not many people feel like being productive right now, right?

The HardCore should get tatoos - maybe "BLOGRZS 4 LIFE"? What do you think?

- Sujewa

Tamara Krinsky

Responding to the call for "new blogging blood," I'd urge you all to check out IDA's new redesigned site (www.documentary.org). A key part of this has been the addition of the "News on the Doc" blog written by myself, editor Tom White, J.R. Griffin and others on the IDA staff and Board.

When DOCUMENTARY magazine went quarterly in 2008, we did so in concert with the website redesign and expansion. The two outlets work in tandem with one another, allowing for a combination of breaking news and in-depth coverage of all aspects of the non-fiction world. For example, our Fall 2008 issue had a Political theme, and was complemented by a "Doc the Vote" section on the website which included news and commentary about the election from the documentary community.

The Doc Blog Cabal has been an invaluable resource, and I wish everyone luck on their continuing quest to balance blogging with other creative work. It's a big challenge that I myself am constantly trying to figure out!

-Tamara Krinsky
Associate Editor

Docu Hound

Only just discovered the joy of documentaries AND of blogging, and stumbling across this collection of great sites now, I feel like I've missed out on something great (there a LOT of great stuff to catch up on, though!!). That said, I guess the situation is kind of typical of enthusiast-driven web sites (or most hobbies/idealistic ventures): sooner or later, the main person runs out of steam. Thankfully, new people tend to pop up and take over, and the movement continues.

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