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January 28, 2009


kim longinotto

Dear AJ I wanted to thank you for your kind review It really cheered me up I was feeling miserable cos I just read a horrible Variety review where he says I just "point and shoot" and that no scenes are resolved. I was walking around the flat muttering to him (myself!) so I feel so much better now after reading yours

It was interesting that you mention Mildred's fundraising after the screening. i know she felt very awkward about doing it and after that screening , we had a chat about it and I said she shouldn't feel she had to try and raise money in that way. She was relieved to not have to do it again - there was a lot of pressure on her from the office back home and she didn't want to let them down. So i have just mailed your comments to the office.

so your review has been brilliant all round

thanks a million and good luck with everything

kim x

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