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December 15, 2008


David W.

Very nice piece, sir. Full marks.


What's the point of reviewing for the New York Times if NO ONE agrees with you? She makes a good point in her Reader review in that there are too many Holocaust films, and it undermines the topic at hand by having too many of them, but The Reader really isn't about the Holocaust, it's about being educated. She somehow missed that. I loved the film and Winslet's performance, and I hope her THOUGHTLESS review doesn't dissuade people from seeing the film, because it's one of the only good films I've seen this entire year. Moreover, Dargis is hated in the indie film community. The reason is that she's operating in her little high-brow bubble, but I doubt she knows a thing about what goes into making movies. Reviewers should know at least that.

David Nugent

great post AJ

Bob Alexander

Well argued and to the point. And did you say dependent indies? That's great and enters the vocabulary, along with Stephen Holden's unforgettable manufactured entertainment!

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