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November 17, 2008


Michael C.

Very interesting list, as usual from the Academy. Thanks for posting it, AJ. From a personal note, I'm not unhappy that RELIGULOUS and AMERICAN TEEN were passed over. I felt both films were overrated. THE ORDER OF MYTHS, however, is quite surprising, IMO.


Made in America! Piece of junk. Trouble the Water? Even worse: it's liberal junk that hits all the right spots in the worst way possible. Filmmakers screwed up what could have been a decent story. IOUSA? Yawn while digesting information. The Garden! Why? It's crap and tugs at the liberal heart. Boring. The rest of the films are exceptional and try something truly different.

Shephard Ward

Documentaries about about to go into a dark age, thanks to the fact that over the last 5 years they have been nothing but propaganda for the US democrat party. It is really horrible and sad that the entire medium has been co-opted and used in this way. Thank Michael Moore. It will become more obvious and depressing the further away we get from Bush.

Erin D.

There are some disappointing omissions (Stranded, FLOW, Up the Yangtze, Calavera Highway) but all in all I think it's a pretty interesting list.

kevin ely

Sad to see that "Dear Zachary" didn't make the cut, but I hope that "In a Dream" makes the final five.


Thanks for the shout-out. But, really, history books will only remember the final five. Go Steve & Peter! Go Jeremiah! Go Daniel!


Man, a few clangers on this list. But I'm happy to see "The Betrayal" & "In a Dream" here. Great films

Andy Markowitz

I wasn't expecting it, but nevertheless sorry to see no "Anvil! The Story of Anvil."


Having worked on Religulous, I'm not surprised. It's not really a doc, but some sort of hybrid. But Made in America isn't nearly the equal of some of the others on the list. I greatly respect Carl and Tia, but The Betrayal stands head and shoulders above this group.



Peggy Ellithorpe

It's Hannah Senesh (not Seneesh)

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