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November 19, 2008



while i personally have heard incredible things about Brown's THE ORDER OF MYTHS, i can't help but think that the film's title is not helping to drawing crowds to the tour. for viewers who might otherwise know nothing about the documentary, i would guess that the beguiling title might well drive some potential audience members away who may think the film to be about some academic exercise in greek mythology (rather than an engaging look into the distinct color lines drawn during Mardi Gras celebrations). it's a shame, since it seems to be a great film.

James McNally

This is timely, AJ. Margaret will be in Toronto tonight screening her film before an enthusiastic audience as part of the monthly Doc Soup series, which is part of Hot Docs. I'm looking forward to finally seeing the film and hopefully she won't be too burned out to answer some questions (and hopefully we'll have a few she hasn't already heard!)

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