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September 14, 2008


Radio Pictures

"Although PROUD AMERICAN is described as a documentary, it should be noted that the film contains a number of acted vignettes."

I find this comment rather insipid. By this do you mean that you have a definition of documentary that one should subscribe to? And, if so, what is that definition? Are you suggesting that because it has "acted vignettes" that is may not be a "documentary."

AJ Schnack

I don't get into the whole documentary/not a documentary debate, which is why I use the term nonfiction more than anything else. However, there are plenty of folks in the self-described "documentary community" who would view PROUD AMERICAN as not a true doc based on having actors & scripts involved. I don't necessarily agree (if I did, I probably wouldn't write about the film, since it would fall out of our purview), but my comments were directed at that debate.

Radio Pictures

The whole documentary/not a documentary debate can get ludicrous and only seems to serve those who fail to appreciate that filmmaking "craft" is an essential ingredient to making a film.

Louis Cabeza

Doc/not a doc? Really, I thought it was settled with Nanook. Documentary, from its beginning has included an element of recreation. And, despite the misguided ideas of some, there is no absolute objective observer, ever. It is really discouraging to still be hearing this posited as a position. I would equate it with comparing creationism and darwinism as equal valid models. And yes, I did find the insertion of the comment as an editorial comment on the content.


Doc/Not Doc: The Most Boring Argument In Cinema, Part CCXXIV


Perhaps the world's worst timing of an opening weekend as well... not exactly the perfect time to try and promote a film with this statement:" the free enterprise system is the platform in which America's success is molded".

Apparently they didnt notice the meltdown of our entire financial system over the past year. Ouch!

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