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August 07, 2008


Hirotomo Nii

In a Pop-cultural sub theory, in a movie, in a rhetoric: As the United States, do we invest in oil stock within the judicial infrastructure?

If we are to import oil, do we want to buy from a religion based organization that is in lawlessness or outside of the judicial infrastructure? If we do this, we help our foreign policy protect democracy by ‘missionary’ approach? i.e. To connect with the unrecognized populations?

Our import would benefit if we had a cooperative? Israel would buy from a new ‘peace’ and additionally, a EU member, lets say Italy, would buy from Israel?

We would want the client (we buy oil from them, and we want them to convert to democracy?) to buy something that would help our stock investments? We would then buy more non-embargos from a Middle Eastern group like Armenia or Turkey and then become a NAFTA with items to Export? At some point, the new Client and the Judicial Infrastructure develop a Policy in a movie…….. we are to then adjust for any trade deficit numbers?

I feel that our government believes in Liberty and that commitment gets lost in the political media. If there are populations outside of our known intelligence, I feel it normal to want to help our country help us secure our inalienable rights as Americans.

I hope we find bipartisan spirit not as an active critic or otherwise; but for the outright understanding that our NEWS is a body of intelligence that is alarming. Soldiers risk their lives in harms way to protect our borders, that isn’t diluted I believe when they are on the frontline.

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