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July 03, 2008


Louis Cabeza

Sheila Nevins wins $100 bet with an "indie film exec" that "Young at Heart" would be a flop? Sounds like you have different standards for measuring success than the people actually paying to make them.


Maybe if it were your money funding these films you might have a different perspective?

AJ Schnack

Oh please. Sheila Nevins is far from an unbiased observer. She's gone all in on the notion that theatrical is dead. And an "unnamed indie film exec" wth reporting from the LA Times?

There's no one outside of the LA Times and those declaring the death of doc theatrical who believes that YOUNG@HEART was a failure.


Yeah why would he have to have "The End" in the title? That just sounds so morbid. At the worst, you could call it a trend, a temporary one at that.

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