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July 25, 2008



And after a strong start in NYC, the film could be on it's way to a very successful theatrical run.... and i know it's premature, but is it the Oscar frontrunner? at this point last year IN THE SHADOWS OF THE MOON looked like a lock, but failed to even make the shortlist, but MoW has a doc pedigree that MOON did not.

Sony Classics is 4-walling WALTZ WITH BASHIR to qualify it in the Doc category, but does it really have a chance with the Doc branch? it certainly wont be the Israeli submission for foreign language film (assuming it won't win the Israeli Film Academy Award), but seems like it would have a better chance for a nom in the Animated category where they seem to favor innovation more than the Doc branch. I believe you can submit a film in both the Doc and Animated categories, although it would set a precedent.

by the way, the rough cut of RELIGULOUS I saw last month was terrible - lacking insight, humor, creativity, and narrative momentum. It only serves as a masturbatory exercise (which i expected, but I also expected at least insight and humor).


oh, and i hope both MAN ON WIRE and WALTZ WITH BASHIR are eligible for Cinema Eye Awards!


someone just pointed out my error, which of course was made in haste. obviously IN THE SHADOWS OF THE MOON had pedigree (John Battsek, major funding, Oscary topic, heroism, superb craft, nostalgia, Ron Howard) which is why it was the front-runner, so i meant that MOON had more pedigree than MAN ON WIRE, but it too has some of those virtues (same source of funding, superb craft, heroism, nostalgia), but one thing that MOON didnt have: Mark Lewis!

whatever, the Doc branch will do what it wants even if it is hypocritical, contradictory, arbitrary, dumbfounding, and blasphemous.

AJ Schnack

MAN ON WIRE is definitely eligible for Cinema Eye 2009 and I think that BASHIR might be, depending on when Sony releases it. I'm still surprised that SHADOW OF THE MOON wasn't shortlisted last year, particularly considering that it was thought to be the frontrunner as late as August. But I think the expectations were so high for the film's box office performance, that when it disappointed there, it seemed damaged. All speculation, of course, since it's public knowledge that I found last year's Oscar shortlist to be shocking in more than one regard.

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