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July 29, 2008



Thing is, unlike a certain other UK documentary festival I could mention (cough cough), Britdoc's remit is totally to be a British documentary industry-focussed festival not an international one, so it couldn't/shouldn't/wouldn't get more Yankified without upsetting the apple cart that keeps it bespokely focussed and funded. It has its niche and it lives in it wonderfully, and in a small land like the UK, that's essential. You're the anomaly that sneaks in under the radar, AJ, and the event is all the better for it that you and other non-Brits/Europeans in small numbers are there.

But in that sense, the comparison with True/False is for me a bit forced - T/F is a full-fat public film festival (not that I've been so tell me if I'm wrong) whereas Britdoc is a brilliant semi-private documentary conference, meeting-place and marketplace. I think TF and Britdoc do different things and position themselves to very different audiences.

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