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June 27, 2008


Male Feminist

Here is an article on the feud between Alex Gibney and ThinkFilm. He is accusing the company of not $ufficiently promoting "Taxi to the Darkside" which is why, in his view, it has made less than $250K theatrically so far.



so my smallish punk brain is wrapping itself around this: a bunch of companies and company leaders have declared that they can't crack a buck in the indie/doc market and therefore it is failed. because they couldn't figure it out, it's dead. sez them. taking the studio model, scaling it down (oh wait - streamlining) and acting hip(per) is not 'figuring it out', especially when (doh) it doesn't turn profit. or enough profit. whatever. independent. that's a pretty strong word, and the films coming truly out of that scratching, fighting, diy ethos are damn strong indeed. indie film isn't at risk here, it's the system that tried to control it that's bleeding out.

stephen walker

Hi there - as the guy who actually directed Young@Heart, I too was disappointed to read Horn's comments. I'm not sure where this DOA stuff has come from? The fact is, the film has been in theaters since it's initial platform release on April 9 - and still is, nearly 3 months later It is now at $3.6m and still climbing. A quick check on Box Office Mojo places it the 23rd highest grossing doc out of 550 odd since 1982 - and it's likely to climb higher. I would argue these are respectable figures at the very least.

Why this doco bashing in the press all of a sudden? I am currently at the Munich Film Fest with the movie (Heart is releasing in Europe and Asia - including Japan - in Oct) and I can't tell you how disheartened many of my doc colleagues who have films presenting here are. Now everybody thinks theatric release is impossible. It's very depressing - and so unnecessary when based on what I believe is a total misconception of the facts.

Thanks for your comments too. Believe it or not, we really DO read all the blogs and postings!

Stephen Walker
Director, 'Young@Heart'
Walker George Films Ltd

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