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June 02, 2008



I thought it was obvious that my post was tongue-in-cheek. I'm not a SatC fan and I'm really tired of hearing about it, but so much of the criticism of it is paint-by-numbers stuff from critics who are too lazy to engage with it. "Stephen"'s, um, fan mail was not the kind of thing I was looking for.

Mark Rabinowitz

I was pretty clear on Karina's tongue-in-cheekness when I read it and I'd like to point out that my post was actually angry about what I perceive as the film's anti-woman aspects (well, I can't say the film exactly because I haven't seen it, but I do know the show). You even quoted my point for me, AJ. I think the franchise is anti-woman and offers if not a completely unrealistic portrayal of "life in the big city," than an unbelievably shallow one.

I completely disagree with Kim's POV but that's fine. Plenty of people have strong, differing opinions on issues, films, books, etc but to dismiss the male film critics who criticize the film in toto because we wouldn't understand a movie that's not about us? Talk about a hypocritical generalization.

There's more, but I posted it on my blog.

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Do the immature, vitriolic reviews of this movie offend me? Yep. Do I still hate the movie anyway? Most definitely.

I loved the series, but the movie was complete crap. It felt like a movie about Sex & the City written by people who had heard about but never seen Sex & the City. All the wit, the snark, the tongue-in-cheek that made the series great was totally absent in the movie.



Though we've confronted more head-scratching from male reviewers than vitriol, our film "Girls Rock!" (which is exclusively about girls and women) did get a few screeds like this one from Roger Moore of the Orlando Sentinel:

"Round up a hundred or so indulged, middle-class girls in the Portland, Ore., area. Give them guitars, drums and basses. Let them form bands and write a song that they can perform at the end of a week of Rock 'n' Roll Camp for girls....

This Arne Johnson-Shane King movie is packed with info-bites of the ways girls are held back, repressed by culture, kept from seeking the rock limelight by modesty, peers and the society they grew up in.

We get it.

Not sure how a bunch of spoiled and tone-deaf spawn of Portland-area hippies are supposed to strike a blow against that, but there you go."

I won't break down the review too far, but suffice it to say only some of the featured girls are from Portland, none are the children of hippies and only one qualifies as economically comfortable. I only point this out, because his review was more of the girls than the actual film (and painfully distorted at that), which we encountered all too often, even in some positive reviews. There's something about seeing women controlling space that drives some people into a frenzy of confusion and even anger. I haven't seen the SITC movie yet, but I've seen the show, and I'm not at all surprised by the reaction. It reminds me of the vitriol heaped on the Lilith Fair and that era of music...Meanwhile crap like OzFest somehow lives on without comment...

We've been fortunate to avoid the worst of the gnashing teeth (in fact, some of our most wonderful reviews have been from both men and women), and I imagine that has something to do with children being a less easy target for vitriol (though Roger Moore seems perfectly comfortable on the attack), but it's never been far from our awareness.


For the record, I loved Karina's round up post and thought it was fairly obviously tongue in cheek. "Stephen" comments are just an unfortunate byproduct of blogging.

And Arne, I suspect that reviewer didn't even watch your film. He couldn't be more wrong in characterizing the subjects of Girls Rock.

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