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June 10, 2008



Whoa, before we get into an East Coast-West Coast doc-lovers’ feud (I guess you’d get to be Tupac), let me just say I was way too flip, as well as, well, a bit inaccurate (correction on the number of Variety pieces duly noted). But my post was not directed at you. (You’re not the only one who has posted about ThinkFilm’s problems.) I was really addressing a larger blogosphere issue, which, yes, I’d like to playfully refer to as the blog-media-complex, and how feeding frenzies of half-truths can become wholes. Plus, I wanted to give Think’s Mark Urman a platform to address the topic.

That all said, maybe the specific case in question (ThinkFilm) isn’t quite the right one to plant my flag on. They clearly are having troubles, as you’ve noted here. I just get annoyed at how information sometimes gets processed on the Internet.



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