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June 06, 2008


Ben McCoy

A.J. -

Your film is a wonderful and inspiring masterpiece that strikes at the very heart of the true spirit of Kurt and his enduring legacy that still stirs passion in thirtysomethings everywhere.

Nirvana and Kurt Cobain got me through my tumultuous teen years, as my only refuge from a traumatic homelife was to retreat to the garage, don my guitar, and mimic everything Nirvana (Mudhoney too, among others - nice soundtrack!)

Music, photography, and film are passions of mine - you are an inspiration, and represent that which I aspire to be. Could you please write and tell me what type of camera you used to shoot the film? It is some of the most creative and beautiful photography I have ever seen captured on film.

Wonderful work - and I look forward to your next project with great anticipation!

Ben McCoy


It was terrible! I wouldnt recommend it.


Congrats! :)


I just watched your Nirvana documentary on Sundance Channel On Demand, its quite fascinating and informative and well made, even though you couldnt use actual Nirvana music (for the usual reasons Im sure, Courtney and her "rights"). I recommend it very much.

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