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May 31, 2008



Holy Crap! I'm speechless.

Jess Brougard

Seems quite tame compared to that racist pig, Jeremiah Wright.


Hey Jess Brougard are you really anti-racism or just "racism" that you think targets you? just wondering...

Jess Brougard

Liberals like you cheered along when that piece of garbage ranted on and on about evil whitey. Liberals are the true racists.


I love sentences that begin "Liberals like you..." I always know I'm in store for something astute. Thanks, Jess, for providing us with a quick and easy way to detect racists - just ask 'em if they're a liberal!

Jess Brougard

I'm glad I could be of assistance in your quest for truth. What's amazing is that it took something as simple as a comment on a blog to get it through to you.


Indeed! God bless the internets! Jess, I'm also having a hard time identifying liars. I'm wondering whether your "racist detection system" (or "RDS" as I like to call it) could be used in the same way? It would really be helpful.

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