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March 28, 2008


Mark Rabinowitz

Holy Hughes!

Brilliant gets my vote!

Mark Rabinowitz

Holy Hughes!

Brilliant gets my vote!

Erin Donovan

Not having seen the film, I still say brilliant!

Christopher Wong

yeah, great poster. but it'll mean nothing to teens these days, who weren't even alive when The Breakfast Club came out. the best selling point about this marketing scheme is that it mentions NOTHING about it being a documentary. so it won't scare would-be filmgoers away with the "D-word".

David Wilson

Brilliant, but I would have gone with SOME kind of modifier below the quoted text. Like, "And it's all true" or something.

It's one thing (and a thing I applaud vigorously) to push the bounds of nonfiction like Nanette has. But I think that one can do that and still celebrate that you ARE making nonfiction - work that's every bit as riveting for a general audience as its Hughesian counterpart.

David Wilson

And, of course, don't forget about the OTHER great riff on the Breakfast Club poster . . .

AJ Schnack

Doug Jones also forwarded the OTHER great riff to me. Somehow, this is even better, but I agree with David that it would have been perfect if there was a nod to its nonfiction nature in the poster - even if ever so tiny.


it's a great poster, but the intention isnt to target teens (at least it shouldnt be). since when do documentaries appeal to teens? and teens certainly wont be tricked into seeing this film because of the poster. but agian i dont think that's the intent. and how often do documentaries with major distribution "nod to their non fiction nature?" Vantage applied the same philosophy to the theatrical poster for AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH ("the most terrifying film you will ever see.") and 5 middle class white kids dont exacly represent contempory America, but that's a different argument.

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