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March 24, 2008


Mark Bell

I was on a jury for a film festival when a film came through that was, at the time, winning pretty much every juried festival. My first reaction was, "fuck this film, we should give our award to a film that's not getting all the attention. This film has more than enough praise."

Then, you know, I watched the film and... that movie I had a knee-jerk rebellion against won our jury prize unanimously.

You can't, shouldn't, punish greatness for being great, quality for being quality. Gibney took the Oscar because the film was deserving, and so too the Cinema Eye Honor. It would be a dishonor to the awards and the filmmakers themselves to pander to an alternative, "just because the Oscars like it means we can't" view. The Cinema Eye Honors are a move in the right direction, and I'm more impressed that the Oscars got one right then I am surprised that the Cinema Eye Honors agreed.

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