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February 28, 2008


Jason Scott

Or, release it on DVD yourself and bypass all the politics!


Thom Powers

Of course, I'm pleased to see Toronto placed near the top. The feedback is interesting and hits the same points our festival is constantly trying to improve.

I urge filmmakers not to fret so much about where their premiere festival "ranks." Every fest on this list has great attributes.

I'm disappointed that the comments from filmmakers and industry are cloaked in anonymity. (This relates less to the comments about TIFF, than other fests). The more critical a blind quote is , the less reliable it feels. On D-Word, contributors routinely speak on the record about these things.

What makes a fest "the best" depends on your film. While one filmmaker has a great experience, another might have a lousy time at the same festival.

A festival is about more than just selling your film (though obviously that's important). It's also about gaining recognition and making contacts for the next stage of your career.

Wherever you get invited, make the most of it!

AJ Schnack

While I'm loathe to disagree with my friend and colleague Thom Powers, I must say that my impression of the responses I received was not the anyone had an axe to grind but wished to share information on their experiences to help others. I would love to say that I think the environment exists for filmmakers to feel free to express negative or contradictory opinions publicly, but I think that a great number of filmmakers feel constrained in this regard, fearing that offering a negative reaction might blacklist them from future festivals. I may not agree with this perspective, but I don't think that it's necessarily unfair to offer individuals and opportunity to express their feelings in an anonymous way.

Steven Davies

"Big Kahuna of doc fests, very friendly (if smoky), extremely convenient setting, many opportunities to connect, extremely gracious and helpful staff to facilitate connections."
Because of the fact that I liked your review I will bring you targeted traffic.
That way a lot of people will see it:)


Thank you for all of this WONDERFUL and POWERFUL information. Below I have included information on our film, which is in post-production. Thanks, Tim ([email protected])

MY RUN... 75 Consecutive Marathons in 75 Consecutive Days

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.............................. ............
My Run (promo trailer): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=99jtkDWZ8E0


jennie j

OK, Hot Docs is a much more respected festival than AFI/Silverdocs, which is much smaller, and not nearly as established. I vote that Hot Docs be moved up to at LEAST the #5 slot!


Film Festivals And Awards


Sheffield should be number 5 here. It is one of the best in Europe around the top 5 with CPH, IDFA and Leipzig. Toronto
is really lame for docs. Have you seen the lineup this year?
What about Big Sky?

Haris Sheikh

Hi ,
I have done my first independent feature doc, "The Blastphemy, about Danish
cartoons of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and a billion plus Muslim's serail outrage.
It also has a Canadian connection and a Gallup's firstever survey. More here
Now,I have submitted to festivals..Hotdocs,Silverdocs,Athens..
Cannes .Moscow..Aljazeera...
I find this list very useful .
Haris Sheikh
Virgo Pictures Inc.
174 Vanauley Walk
Toronto, ON,Canada

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