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January 29, 2008



It was great reading this post... it was a great way to wake up this morning, it dealt with some things that have been on my mind a lot the last 2 years.

I know that the documentary I'm working on, will consist of narration, re-created moments, glimpses into moments that have yet to happen and probably never will (but as treated as fact), animation, etc.. that I've almost stopped referring to is a "doc", and most of the time, I categorize it as a "project".

And I'm still not sure, after reading this, which is right. Should I be a small part of pushing the genre' of documentaries... or should I not be (almost what I feel is) misleading in a what-to-expect kind of way.

It's something I'm sure I won't ever be sure of, even after the film is complete. But this post was a nice perspective on it.

Jason Scott

I treat recreation like nuclear waste, and often consider it to be a failure within the context of making a documentary film. If you have to recreate, I say, you're being lazy. I have the same opinion about narration, which tells you how far down the spectrum I am.

I come from the programmer mindset, the one that knows when you have to walk away or just accept that there's no "there" there. I am therefore one of those people who think that "Zoo" should have been a "this american life" segment and little else; he didn't have enough for a full movie but I guess he was committed.

I don't consider animation or crazy stupid collages that show off how many times you could sync to music to be "recreation", however, and nowhere in the same ballpark. At the end you're watching a film. But I get edgy even having a character making a positive statement about doing something while showing footage of others doing it. Juxtaposition makes me think long and hard.

But I restate: if you recreate, you failed, and need to take a step back.

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