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January 07, 2008


Jonathan Miller

It seems to me that this award is a creature of Film Festivals (or Film Festival Culture), so the question is why the prejudice in favor of film festivals, and what works there, and even more so of the very film festivals whose leadership makes up the majority of the selection committee?

What about short documentaries, an area under represented at some of these events? Or experimental docs, also seldom programmed? What about documentaries made for television or sold to US television and not shown at many festivals? Why the arbitrary BO Gross cut off?

really the issue comes down to you (and the Festivals taking part in this exercise) don't agree with the taste or priorities of the academy, etc.

So why not say - we the following Film Festival programmer will give a prize to the film from all our festivals we like the best. The uber Film Festival award.

And, shouldn't you EXCLUDE anyone who submits their film to the Academy, too? Why should people get two bites of the apple? Put your money where your mouth is. THEN the award will mean something (Eventually, when people will come to respect it more, otherwise what's the point?)

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