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August 20, 2007


Betsy A. McLane

Thank you for writing this piece. I love it. You have aptly expressed a lot of the things I have been thinking about crtical treatment of documentaries. I read every word I can about documentary-that's part of my job-and I am continually astounded at the absolute ignorance of most people who write about the field. Accurate information & reasoned opinion are available for any blogger, reporter or critic who wants to do their homework. I especially appreciate your comment on Flaherty--of course it is all his fault! Now for the plug: if anyone wants to understand how how we got to where we are now in documentary, buy the book I co-authored, A NEW HISTORY OF DOCUMENTARY.
Heck, borrow it from the library , just read it. Thanks.


I'll echo Betsy's comments. A great article/post AJ. Impassioned, articulate and informed. Well done.

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