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August 22, 2007


Henry Clarke

I would like to get opinion of Peter Raymond:-
This is completed. I attach an abstract..
>From Trinidad I attended Howard U. and Georgetown U without either one knowing. I graduated from both on the same day in June 1952 with MD (H.U.) and MSc (G.U.). This was dangerous in those days. The Canadian High Commissioner in Washington DC arranged for my escape for internship to the Reddy Memorial Hospital in Montreal. In Trinidad I practiced while doing nutrition research for Ph.D. at the University of the W.I. In my small hospital I found that the smaller the incisions the shorter the stay in hospital for my indigent patients. I developped instruments to facilitate this surgery. In 1970 in the SUNY at Buffalo I modified the instruments for use in laparoscopy surgery and opened this new era by publishing in1972. My research in maternal-fetal nutrition was presented as U.S. delegate to the World Congress of Obs/Gyn in Moscow in 1973. Here also my laparoscopic surgery was shown for the first time in Russia. The American Board Certification in Obs/Gyn was awarded to me. I came to Canada considering that it was safer. I practiced in several towns and had training as a senior resident for a year in the Dept.of Obs/Gyn at the University of Toronto. Permission to take the qualifying exams of the Royal Society of Obs/Gyn was denied to me for reasons which were not clear. I have continued in family practice for several years in Ontario, while advancing laparoscopic surgery worldwide. I have no access to laparoscopic surgery and no one in Canada has spoken with me about it. In the heritage writings of Canada I am noted as a direct descendant of Alan Glenpean McMillan who settled the Scottish Immigrants in Ontario in 1802. At times truth can be stranger than fiction.
I have completed my biographic story and I seek someone who can assess it for publication.
Best wishes
Henry Courtenay Clarke MD

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