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June 20, 2007


Mark S

The intervew that is shown in Manufacturing Dissent actually took place several months before Michael Moore committed himself to making Roger & Me.

Did Debbie Melnyk and Rick Caine not make this clear?

Throughout production, Roger Smith was unreceptive and declined repeated requests to be interviewed. Moore obtained the original footage of his earlier encounter and for a time considered including it in his film, before rejecting the idea. (So, yes, to that extent it ended up on the cutting room floor.) Moore, in a style now familiar, decided to ambush his subject instead. We see this one ambush scene toward the end of Roger & Me.

Does this earlier encounter invalidate the premise of Roger & Me? No, because (1) it happened before he started filming, and (2) the premise was never so narrow as trying to get Roger Smith to sit down in an interview chair.


In the film Manufacturing Dissent the filmmakers included a clip that clearly shows (from a VHS with a time and date stamp on screen no less) Michael Moore's wife and producing partner, Kathleen Glynn,
working with the Roger & Me film crew outside of the GM annual shareholders
meeting that you guys keep trying to say took place prior to their beginning
the film. Are we to believe that they filmed outside of the shareholders
meeting but not inside? And if you can buy that, then how is it
Michael Moore was able to show himself being cut off by Roger Smith?
Furthermore both Jim Musselman and Ralph Nader say, and I believe them, that
Michael Moore also interviewed Roger Smith at the Waldorf Astoria in Jan.
1988 at the GM advanced products showcase confab in NY (essentially a dog
and pony show for GM's largest institutional and corporate shareholders.)
According to Musselman Michael Moore interviewed Roger Smith for 10 to 15
minutes during the luncheon part of the Waldorf Astoria get together. Now why
did Michael Moore choose not to include that in Roger & Me? Perhaps it was
because he was anxious to paint Roger Smith as a callous corporate CEO who
in addition to not wanting to see the destruction his policies caused in
places like Flint (among many others) but he is so callous he wouldn't even
discuss it with the little guy from Flint in search of the truth.
I read in USA Today on June 22 that Michael Moore himself seems dissatisfied
with the legacy of his films. Why would Michael
Moore choose to include a complely fabricated sequence about the stealing of
the Nightline satellite truck? Is lying is going to get us to where we want to
be? I get it, Bush lied and lead us into a destructive and counterproductive
war in Iraq, so the solution is we should lie to make that right? Since when
do two wrongs make a right? Michael Moore's films have always been HIS
truth, not THE truth.


That was not a Roger & Me film crew -- it was a Mike Westfall camera crew.

Westfall had been protesting the Flint layoffs since before Moore arrived on the scene. He even helped Moore get inside the conference hall. All of this took place BEFORE Moore mortgaged his home to make Roger & Me (hence the 1987 datestamp).

Westfall soon became bitter because Moore made a name for himself. Today he spends much of his time on FreeRepublic.com, badmouthing Moore. Too bad the Manufacturing Dissent directors swallowed every word this crackpot had to say.

Jill Sweet

Come on, do you actually believe that anyone who tells the truth is bad mouthing Moore? You cannot explain what Moore did in Flint except make an inaccurate film because he did nothing of importance.If Moore did anything in Flint,what was it?
The documented truth from dozens of people from that time is that Jim Musselman aided the Westfall people who were the ones fighting for common workers.They were the real deal, not opportunistic counterfits.
They weren't in it to get rich selling movies, they were in it to save middle class jobs. Moores personal mission was to become a star in his own movies and make millions of dollars. Isn't that clear? Can't you see and understand that?
Moore capitalized on these Flint efforts and became the ficticious leader that he wasn't. He has been fooling America ever since.
Check out




Love those selective quotes from the Phil Donahue show.

Isn't that what you people attack Michael Moore for - not showing the other side?

Jill Sweet

Since you like quotes, how about a quote from Moores pal Roseanne Barr's website...

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