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May 10, 2007


Jason Scott

Well, to clarify, I think that you prove what I'm trying to say when you indicate that the well-thought out reviews and criticism are what grabs you, not the source where they come from. If you go browse a usenet group or forum or even IMDB and find someone really sat back and worked it over, you appreciate it. I still contend that a negative review filled with things you don't agree with is going to piss you off, of course.

But beyond that, I'm just saying that terms like "Cloggers" are just ways for creators to immediately demarcate and velvet-rope off pieces of the critical space out there and go "Well, what do you expect of that lot". A defense mechanism.

For example, Stephanie Zacharek of Salon hates computer animated movies. HATES them. Goes off on them endlessly about how horrible they are, how the artifice drives her nuts, etc. I wouldn't trust her to review a powerpoint chart. But she's in Salon and all, and that's some measure of success (arbitrary and otherwise). But one might go "Well, that's not a PRINT publication, they'll take ANYBODY". Or "That's just SALON", etc.

This is what I mean by creators slicing off the sources to be able to handle the reviews they don't like.

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