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May 09, 2007



I think the type of people that take Vlad's "review" seriously--that can't be bothered to take the time to find a more cogent analysis of the film's relative merits--are probably more likely to be the type who would agree with his assessment anyway.

In any case, what is to be done? Vlad has every right to put his opinion out there, regardless of what I think of its validity. In this instance, he's not even pretending that it's a thoughtful, considered response to the film; it's just a reaction.

If someone was paying him to write like that, I'd be outraged (and jealous), but since it's a public forum, I can only wish that fans of the film would take the time to express themselves, too. Not that it would necessarily raise the level of discourse, but at least it would provide some balance.


Nice thoughtful addition to the conversation...

Jason Scott

I think what it comes down to is that people who make stuff like people who like their stuff. Sometimes they find people who don't like their stuff as much as they do, but they still like their stuff, so they're OK.

People who don't like their stuff are any number of criminals and cretins, lacking certification, brainpower, awareness, perspective, or anything else that would explain why they don't fit into the set of people who like their stuff.

I think going "cloggers" or "online know it alls" and all that is just a clever defense mechanism for people who make stuff to build up against the fact that once it's out there, they can't do anything about people seeing and commenting on their stuff.

....just like those people can't do anything about the creators putting out the stuff.


i agree with josh--if you're someone who is "deep into independent movies", as vlad puts it, you will likely see his comments as an endorsement and not be turned away.

Simon Crowe

The objection to "cloggers" is nothing more than snobbery. Does anyone decide whether or not to see a film based on the opinion of one complete stranger? Sites that average reviewers' opinions seem much more valuable.

If someone is seeking out independent film, a two-sentence review along the lines of "this sucks" isn't going to stop them. I'd also add that while it's easier to set oneself up as a critic via blogs, (as this week's NY Times magazine points out) it's also easier to reach audiences via websites, message boards, MySpace, etc.

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