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March 18, 2007


Agnes Varnum

I'd add, as a reader of your blog, that you tend more toward journalism than most. The nature of your blog doesn't seem to me to be a place to discredit others' work in favor of your own. We have a lot more discussion ahead of us around this issue (blogs vs. journalism).

I also find it confuses some people when we wear many hats at a single event. People want to be able to fit us into a spot (you are journalist, you are filmmaker, etc.). I've never felt that I can't compartmentalize my duties, but perhaps those lines are less clear to outsiders. And do we have a responsibility to make them clearer?


There's a sea of bogus criticism out there (follow link for just one example).

Why don't you do your own film on Michael Moore? Restore some much needed balance.



Excellent! Thorough, well-thought out, fair and balanced. Thank you for your initial post and this comprehensive account.


I realize that you are in a difficult position as both a blogger and a filmmaker, but I personally would appreciate more (negative) criticism of films that are deserving of such. There are increasingly more and more films out there (like Manufacturing Dissent) that have a great PR campaign, but are actually not very well made at all. Your comments on it have helped us steer clear of being sucked into making it a "must-see" film. To me, that's a real positive contribution -- in addition to making note of some of the smaller films that really do deserve more positive buzz.

James McNally

My reasons for not seeing this one were clear before: I'd seen Citizen Black and thought it was not very good. But your entry was very enlightening. Thanks.

Jill S.

Check out these two enlightening pieces on Michael Moore



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