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December 07, 2006


Agnes Varnum

"Why'd the dumping ground have to be in Jersey?" asks the Jersey girl. He doesn't say what set off the tirade (obviously not a well-thought-out commentary), but it's very true that there are far more of these kinds of films being made than wind up in circulation. Thank your local programmer/commissioning editor for gatekeeping, allowing through the ones that are worth watching and dispatching the rest to YouTube.

katherine Leggett

interesting about the panel's reaction a year back. this year at IFP i went with a works-in-progress doc about exorcisms in romania. the film starts and ends with the filmmaker's own story about his parents taking him to an exorcism when he was 18 (in romania). i asked all of the buyers who we met what drew them into the film and/or what they would want to see in the film...and the majority thought the personal story was 'amazing' and wanted more of that. so who knows. interesting topic for sure.

AJ Schnack

It has to be in Jersey because I imagine it not unlike the portal out of John Malkovich. Where else would one find such things? The gatekeepers may be something more akin to toll booths. Clearly, Katherine, the same folks who may say that they don't want personal docs will still respond to the right pitch, first person or no. But who can tell whether the idea we have is a genius one that the commissioning editors will jump at or whether we are succumbing to ego? Maybe we need a gatekeeper before we get to the gatekeeper. An internal toll booth.


Jason Scott

Some time ago I posted my list of "Five Documentary Manias" that a crushed-for-linearity-and-scope director or editor might employ to flesh out a documentary:


I myself would never do a re-enactment for anything I'm doing; I hate them with a passion.. FOR MY OWN STUFF. But telling other people how to make their films and that certain approaches are "off limits" as opposed to "generally bad ideas" is silly. I assume he's just garnering points or attention.

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