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October 27, 2006


Michael C.

Your opening statement mirrors my own feelings after reading your post... shocked and appalled at this news regarding SHUT UP AND SING (almost as much as I find myself in Harvey Weinstein's corner saying, "You go, Harvey!") I, like you, A.J. had assumed all that kind of "pro-President" had fallen by the wayside. As you put it,

"Seeing the film now, in the midst of crashing approval ratings for the president and his ill-advised war, makes 2003 and the pro-war, anti-dissent mania that accompanied it, like some kind of fever dream. To think that off-hand banter from a musician on a stage would set off a storm that would lead to boycotts and death threats shows just how desperate American had become..."

Now to find out that there are television stations refusing to air that ad, which is a terrific teaer for the film, by the way, I am just, frankly, stunned. This is a good lesson for us all. Despite the flagging approval ratings of our current President, we can't take anything for granted regarding future elections.

I can't wait to see SHUT UP AND SING now. You know Chlotrudis loves a good music documentary.

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