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October 18, 2006



Welcome from Rome, your article makes me proud of my town! Thanks!


hi there. Welcome to rome. I was there on wendsday to see your last film, Kurt cobain about a son. It was amazing. I mean it was just like kurt was here, alive, talking about things coming to his mind. I have never thought of kurt in taht way you (He) described. The idea of not using nirvana images or photo it's great just like the decision of not hearing any of the nirvana's songs. it works as a counterpoint. I was listening to your words just out of the auditorium. You said that the movies it's divided in three chapter, that are connected to the three different cities kurt live in. Aberdeen, it was the first movement the masculine part, Olympia was the second movement, where the female and more free nature of Kurt come out. The third movement, the conclusion it's just like a mixture of the first and the second chapter or movement. I had a question list time but I couldn't ask. Can we see the entire film as musical composition, whith its introduction (abeerdeen), its variation (olympia) and its conclusion, that has part of the introduction and the variation. Maybe i went to far. Just to ask. Thank you very much for taking here your film, You think is it going to be developed in italy? I mean here every single film is dubbed, and i think it would be terrible not hearing kurt voice!
I have plenty of things to ask about your film, maybe later. Thanks
ps sorry for my english...

AJ Schnack

Giacomo and Sergio,

Thanks so much for the notes and kind words. I had a wonderful time in Rome and can't wait to write another post about the screening. It was such a great night and wonderful to meet so many of the people who came to see the film.

Giacomo, I think you are right to look at the film as one might view a musical composition. In fact, I asked the composers to create an overture and two musical interludes for the film, so I think that we all were viewing the musical elements (as well as some of the thematic elements) in that sense.

We are very much hoping that the film will return to Italy and to theatres there. I don't have any final details at the moment, but hope to soon. I don't think they would dub Kurt's voice - that would seem to negate the point - but I guess anything can happen!

Thanks again and congrats on a wonderful first festival for Roma.


Alan Barbour

A.J., I get the honor of meeting and dining with you Nov. 12. Looking forward to it.


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