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July 27, 2006


eric matthies



Awesometastic news - congrats!

The Sujewa

Kurt Lives!

Go AJ, congrats on getting the flick done. Gooood luck at the fest!

- Sujewa

David Lowery

That's wonderful news! Man, I wish I could go to Toronto even more now. If you happen to hve a private screening or something of that sort in Los Angeles between now and the time the film is officially released, I hope I can sneak in....

AJ Schnack

OK David, so now I'm confused. I feel like I've been keeping up with your blog - and I remember a plane trip out here, but have you moved here? Did I miss that? If so, we need to get some coffee or liquor when things calm...

David Lowery

Sorta. I'm actually going back to Texas today for two weeks, and then I'll be returning to LA. I haven't completely moved out here yet, but it's fairly imminent. I'd love to get some coffee and/or liquor...let's stay in touch!


That's wonderful, congratulations! I don't think we've actually met yet, AJ, although I feel like I have, Michael speaks so highly/fondly of you. I've been doing press releases and such for Chlotrudis for a while, and you can add me to the list of people who love the Toronto filmfest - can't wait to see this there, as well as meet you at last, even!

Michael C.

AJ - You are going to have such an amazing time at Toronto. It's definitely my favorite film festival. I just can't believe I'm going to miss your premiere! This is the first year in ages that I've had to miss TIFF! That's what happens when you buy a condo... can't afford to do the festivals! Rest assured, there will be Chlotrudis representation at your film. Congratulations! That is really exciting...


AJ Schnack

thanks chlotrudis! thanks all.

fdo grungero

thanks for give us,and i hope see soon you documentarie Kurt Cobain About a Son,it's look very intiresent(i got a basic english)

AJ Schnack

thanks to everyone for all the support...


Will this be available at anytime besides at the festival? It's about time someone made a worthwhile documentery about Kurt. It'd be a shame if only TIFF atendees get to see it!


AJ Schnack

Hey Bob,
The answer to your question is yes, but I don't know where or when. Suffice to say for now that we are working diligently to finish the film for Toronto. We've had people get in touch with us about screening the film at other festivals but right now we are just focused on getting ready for next month. But, yes, our goal is to play in theatres around the world and to ultimately be available on DVD.
Thanks for writing and for the kind words.



Thanks for the info. I'm poor so unless it comes to the local Hoyts cinema DVD is about the only way I'll get to see it! :P I heard about it on a local radio station a week or so ago and have been intrigued/excited about it ever since. Wish I could get to Toronto,the wait is already unbearable! Been a huge fan since I was 11(26 now) so it's great to see people still care and to have something Nirvana releated to be excited about. Goodluck,hope all goes well. I'll be sure to keep checking this site for any new info.



just got back from the Foo Fighters acoustic concert in Toronto's humming bird centre, it was pretty good especially when dave told us about his nirvana days and how he was stuck in an apartment with kurt and all they did was play guitar! but anyway the better news is You A.J I was waiting so long for someone to make a movie on the rockstar legend, thank you so much and I can't wait to see it!

-Nirvana still kicks ass!

AJ Schnack

Hey Pete,

Thanks for the note and for writing about the Foo Fighters show. In the film, Kurt talks about that period in Olympia when he and Dave shared the same apartment. It was right before Nevermind came out and even though they had signed their major label deal with Geffen and their album was about to be released, they were living hand to mouth. I think that some, who always think of Nirvana as a Seattle band, will be surprised to discover that Kurt & Dave were still living in Olympia when Nevermind was released.

Anyway, thanks for the kind words - hope you can make it to one of the screenings next month at the festival.

All best,


hey it is me pete again, how much is it to get into the toronto film festival? is it one of those things where you have to book ahead of time? and lastly where is it in toronto? sorry for asking these stupid questions but as you can see it is a first for me.

-thanks again, your the man AJ!

AJ Schnack

Anyone can attend the film festival - it's open to the public. However, like a concert by your favorite band, tickets can sometimes be tough to get if you wait around. According to the TIFF website, individual advance tickets go on sale September 6. However, there are people who have passes who will get to order their tickets first. There's a box office open in the Manulife Centre on Bloor Street that probably has more specific information.

As for us, we're told there will be 3 public screenings for the film, although days and times are still to be confirmed. I'll post them here when I know them.

Thanks and hope to see you in Toronto...



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