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April 03, 2006


Gerard Cosloy

"rampant hypocrisy?" Listen numbnuts, first of all, I was responding to questions I was ASKED in the Band That Would Be King -- as opposed to topics I came up with myself. Secondly, if you're too vacant to figure out there's meant to be an element of exaggeration, hyperbole, etc. in my claims that Jad Fair deserves a Nobel Prize For Blowing Minds, I suggest you watch the film another 300 times.

As far as Matador is concerned, we've entered our 18th year of business, we're no longer affiliated with either of the major recording companies you mentioned (and haven't been for quite some time) and continue to do our very best to make some kind of a cultural difference, however tiny. But just so we're perfectly clear on this, I presumed that Jeff F. asked me to speak in the Half Japanese doc. because I'd been a longtime fan and friend of the band --- anything I'm supposed to represent as guy-from-the-record-label is entirely your own hangup.


AJ Schnack

Numbnuts? Hilarious. And so fast. Someone is getting google alerts.

But seriously, Gerard, if you think that I'm indier-than-thou, you're swinging at the wrong target. I had no problem when Matador did their deal with Atlantic, nor when Mammoth did, nor when Sub Pop eventually made their own deal. Frankly, if more people were going to hear Bettie Serveert or Pavement because Atlantic was helping out, more power to you.

The problem in the case of this film (which by all means was funny and interesting) was that your interview, as selectively chosen by Jeff F., built you up as the strapping young indie firebrand. That wasn't some bizarre construct that I made up as a viewer and indie label devotee, it was how Jeff chose to use and present you. And yeah, you were, as in your quick response above, hyperbolic, entertaining and outspoken. Great, great and great. However, during the long duration between interview and eventual screening at local art house, Matador made its deal, and the role that you were chosen to play took on new meaning. This type of thing is the subject of the post.

Obviously you don't know me, although we have met and have a number of mutual friends, but I don't question Matador's contribution to the culture (nor do I find it tiny). I've known plenty of record label folks in my time, indie and major, and I think, as your response and your appearance in Half Japanese shows, you really are one of a kind.


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