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December 03, 2005


Dave Wilkins

Hi AJ--

Firstly, my apologies for any grief the "Personal Perspectives" piece may have caused. I think it was a perspective that needs to be considered by plenty of people who still refuse to recognize Kurt Cobain's accomplishment's, because they believe that in doing so they are somehow "glorifying" his lifestyle and eventual tragic end.

This was brought home to me by the fact that the day after we ran a story about you being in town and filming, someone called to complain.

The woman in question was incensed, specifically, because putting a story about a movie on a "drug addict" and "suicide" on our front page represented validation of both of those things, as if, in her words, we were "holding Kurt Cobain up as some kind of role model for our kids."

Our city editor gently explained that the story didn't glorify anything, it merely noted the presence of a film crew in town doing a movie on Aberdeen's most famous son, and like it or not, that's news. And reporting the news is what we do.

Her attitude, unfortunately, is far from unique. With all due respect to Paul Fritts, who is a fine city councilman and (as he should be) an ardent civic booster, there are still plenty of people hereabouts who not only don't approve of any positive public references to Kurt Cobain, but also don't appear to fully understand what it was he did and why (other than the lurid stuff) he became so famous.

So I just wanted to weigh in and say thanks, again, both for doing the film and letting Kurt himself tell the story. And I hope you can come back to Aberdeen when it's done and show it to the community.

There are a lot of forests around here, but a lot of people still get fixated on individual trees, so to speak.


Dave Wilkins
The Daily World

AJ Schnack

Thanks, Dave, for the kind words. I definitely look forward to coming back to Aberdeen to screen the film once it is finished. I am deeply indebted to all who worked with us and we hope to do justice not just to Kurt but to all those in the communities he called home.
All best,


good work...

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