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November 17, 2005


Candie  Grays Harbor EDC

Just read the article in our local paper from the shoot at the library. Dave Wilkins from the Daily World did a great job!! I will get a copy of it for you and send it down your way.
By the way your pilot on the boat was Damon not Devon.
In closing, I would like to tell you what a pleasure it has been working with you, Shirley, Wyatt and all the others. You are all the best. We would also like to thank you for bringing your project to Grays Harbor!! Please keep us up to date on the progress of the film and if you need anything from us please call!!

Candie & Michael

AJ Schnack

Thanks so much again for everything you and Michael did - from our earliest meeting in July to this past week. You guys really made things smooth and couldn't have been easier to work with. My deepest gratitude. And sorry for the name mix-up - my brain is a jumble.

Tim Shute


It is very cool to read your posts about your Aberdeen experiences. I have lived in Aberdeen for 25+ years and am an ardent supporter of this community. I have been on the Aberdeen City Council for the last four years and I will be starting my second term this January. Though I am 46 I have stayed current with the music scene all my life and have an extensive collection that encompasses all genres. I wanted to let you know that one of my fellow council members is working very hard to get the recognition for Kurt and Nirvana that is so deserved. Paul Fritts has been working with Jeff Burlingame of the Daily World to accomplish several goals in recognizing Aberdeen’s most recent famous and influential resident. They have placed a sign at the entrance to Aberdeen that says “Come as You Are” and have several other plans that are in the works. There is a web page at http://www.kurtcobainmemorial.org/ . I hope this adds to your project and on behalf of the city council I thank you for making this movie. If you have any questions or need any further help just ask.

Great job!

PS-If you are in town any Friday or Saturday evening between now and December 11th let know and I can get you tickets to our local community theater’s production of Steven King’s “Misery”, it’s to die for!


AJ Schnack

Thanks so much for your note. I can't tell you how much we appreciated the welcome we received from everyone in Aberdeen. So many people opened their doors and gave of their time and talents. We truly thank you. And although I won't make it back before December, I do look forward to returning soon, hopefully with a copy of the finished film.
My best,


AJ I appreciate what you are trying to do but I can't agree with your assessment of Aberdeen having so much trouble coming to grips with Kurt.

Having had much more experience in dealing with this particular issue than you, I can verify that yes there are those that disagree with doing anything to acknowledge what Kurt did.

But by far most everyone from the old to the young have no problem with Kurt or acknowledging that he came from this area. As a matter of fact I have been stopped at various places in town and thanked for starting the Kurt Cobain Memorial Project (the link was already provided to you by Tim)

You have to remember you came here for merely five or so days and had a very limited group of people of which to speak.

You also stated that we had resistance in even having the "Come as You Are" sign put up. This was not true in the least bit. Not only did my group, which paid for the sign, receive no resistance but the city of Aberdeen bent over backwards to help us.

As far as the house goes that is not the legacy our group wishes to leave. The overwhelming majority of fan emails and forum posts about this project have stated that these fans do not want a "Kurt Cobain slept here" kind of memorial, etc.

With that in mind my group has set our sights toward a type of youth center to help those kids who are now what Kurt was like then. The center will be dedicated to him. There is also a third phase to the project but you can check the site for those details.

I do truly look forward to your film and again appreciate what it is that you are trying to accomplish but I had to voice my opinion with your assessment of the area. Good luck. Feel free to contact me with any questions in the future.

Paul Fritts
Aberdeen City Council
Co-founder Kurt Cobain Memorial Project


Hey, I had a few questions for you if you didn't mind. E-mail me when you have the chance.


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